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Frida Baby Review

There are many different ways to brush your baby’s teeth and while some parents may choose the traditional way, others might opt for a more modern approach. My son had inherited my husband’s taste in food, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to get him to eat what I wanted him to put into his mouth. In order for me to make sure that he brushed his teeth as often as recommended by dentists and doctors, I decided on getting us Frida Baby toothbrushes because they provide children with both educational entertainment and an opportunity for their hands-on experience. Our new brushes have been a big hit among our family members who already want them!

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Features of Frida Baby

1. 2 Brushes
2. 6+ Months of Oral Care
3. Triple-Angle Silicone Bristles
4. BPA-Free Silicone Handle
5. Toss Time Indicator

1. 2 Brushes

The brushes on the Frida Baby are designed to gently brush your baby’s teeth as they’re cleaning. This helps prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup, which makes it easier for them to keep their teeth healthy. The 2-Brush system will provide a thorough clean every time, removing not only food particles but also bacteria that can cause tooth decay while ensuring your child is left with an inviting smile after brushing with this cool red cheeked friend!

2. 6+ Months of Oral Care

The Frida Baby is a unique product that offers parents the opportunity to brush their baby’s teeth at home, as well as give them oral care from six months of age. The device comes with three soft silicone bristles and an adorable carrying case. It also has two built-in timer settings for 2 minutes or 10 minutes so you can tailor the brushing time to your baby’s needs, making it suitable for all ages and stages

3. Triple-Angle Silicone Bristles

The bristles are designed to be soft and gentle on baby’s skin, making it easier for parents to clean up after feeding. It also comes with a handy storage bag that can easily fit into diaper bags or purses.

4. BPA-Free Silicone Handle

The Frida Baby is a blender designed to be gentle on babies. The silicone handle makes it easy for you to grip and keep the device from slipping out of your hands, while the blade guard ensures that you won’t accidentally cut yourself when blending hot liquids like milk or soups.
The material used in this product is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe, with an 8-ounce mixing jar that comes free with purchase.

5. Toss Time Indicator

The Frida Baby has a 5-minute timer which allows the user to know exactly when to stop blending. This is great for parents who want their baby’s food and formula blended just right, without having to guess how long they should blend it.

Reviews & Ratings of Frida Baby

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Frida Baby is a very popular product. It has over 9,000 reviews at the time of writing and it has garnered 4.5 stars out of 5 on average from those who have bought them.
Those who are most impressed with this toothbrush say that they find them to be extremely comfortable for their children as well as easy to use and clean. The bristles seem gentle enough not to cause discomfort while being strong enough to remove plaque effectively without damaging teeth or gums in any way possible., according
Some people mention disliking the ergonomic shape which can make it difficult for small hands ages 0-6 months old due largely in part because there’s no backside handle like other brushes typically offer so you don’t know how much pressure your child might exert when trying to brush themselves), but many more love its versatility by saying things such as “I loved everything about this toothbrush; I didn’t mind using my own hand or washcloth” or “This was great! No red marks on baby’s face/gums.”
Overall, though, I think parents would be happy if they made these changes: Add a backside handle (like just another option) even if it means cutting into the overall design somehow).
But still…the flexibility makes up for any minor flaws – hence why some reviewers said “it’s worth every penny!”


The Frida Baby is a great option for parents who want to introduce their little one into the world of oral care. It’s made from soft, durable silicone and has a friendly smiley face on its handle which will entice your child to brush with it every day. In addition, this toothbrush also comes in 3 colors – green, purple, or blue!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NoseFrida bad for baby?

A: No, it is not.

Does the NoseFrida really work?

A: Yes, the NoseFrida is a highly effective way to clear your babys nose of any mucus.

What age can you use NoseFrida?

A: NoseFrida is a product that can be used by anyone, so long as they are old enough to understand the risks of using it. It is recommended for children under two years of age.

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