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iHealth PT3 Review

iHealth is a leading manufacturer of thermometers. Their PT3 Review is one of the most popular and best selling models in their catalog. The large digital screen on this model makes it easy to take your readings, which can be stored for future reference or sent via Bluetooth wireless to other iHealth devices, such as an Apple watch or heart monitor. It has also been designed with usability in mind, so you won’t have any trouble operating it yourself even if you’re not tech-savvy

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Features of iHealth PT3

1. No Touch Measuring, Just Safe and Hygienic
2. Tri-Point Sensors Accuracy
3. Fast, Simple, Clear and Quiet
4. Suitable for Multi-Scenario and All Ages

1. No Touch Measuring, Just Safe and Hygienic

The iHealth PT3 takes all the guesswork out of making sure your food is measured according to recommended guidelines. The Digital Scale allows you to set up weight and calorie goals, so it will automatically prompt you when you’ve reached them.

2. Tri-Point Sensors Accuracy

You should always keep an eye on the time, especially when you are working out. This is why iHealth has designed a set of tri-point sensors that can be placed at three different points on your body: wrist, chest and ankle. These readings will tell you how long it’s been since your last workout as well as how many calories have burned so far during the session. Additionally, these monitors also track distance traveled in miles or kilometers.,

3. Fast, Simple, Clear and Quiet

The iHealth PT3 is a high-tech foot and ankle measuring machine that takes the guesswork out of getting your feet measured accurately. The unit uses new technology to measure multiple points on each foot in less than 10 seconds, as well as providing measurements for height, weight, hydration level and body mass index (BMI). It also displays your data on an easy-to-read touch screen display.

4. Suitable for Multi-Scenario and All Ages

The iHealth PT3 is suitable for both adults and children, meaning you will be able to use it on yourself or your whole family. It offers a range of different settings helpful for everyone from those with mild cases to more severe ones. The auto recovery feature also makes sure the machine doesn’t shut off when you’re not using it so that there are no unexpected pauses in between tests.

Reviews & Ratings of iHealth PT3

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The iHealth PT3 is a thermometer that has been designed specifically with the medical community in mind. It can both measure and display body temperature, which makes it ideal for use by doctors and nurses during surgery. The device also has a timer function to make sure patients are kept under observation.
I found 13 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded it 4 stars out of 5 on average.
One reviewer said, “This product does not disappoint me – I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs an accurate temp reading during their procedure” while another one commented- “Extremely useful for taking temperatures in many applications – Vacuum chamber Chiller Ambient air reefer”.
It seems like most people agree that this is a quality instrument from start-to-finish but there were some criticising points raised as well: One person wrote, “it was difficult getting good readings” while others have said “the battery life isn’t great” or “the probe retracts too easily.”
As you might expect though these problems seem to be isolated cases rather than widespread amongst all customers so even if you do experience issues with your PT3 then rest assured someone else will probably love theirs!


The iHealth PT3 is a good thermometer. It has been rated highly by customers and reviewers, who praise its accuracy and wide range of features such as alarms that can be set for both high and low fever readings, the ability to measure body temperature in infants, or pregnant women’s trimester-specific measurements. This device also comes with an LCD screen on back so it is easy to read your results from many angles.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is iHealth PT3?

A: The iHealth PT3 is a highly accurate and reliable device. It has been clinically tested and approved by the FDA, which means its safe for use in clinical settings.

How accurate is an iHealth thermometer?

A: The iHealth thermometer is accurate to within 1 degree Fahrenheit.

How accurate is the iHealth?

A: The iHealth is a very accurate device. It has been tested by the FDA and it has been approved for use in hospitals.

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