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Little Remedies Gripe Water Review

If you have a little one that is colicky, or can’t seem to stop gagging and retching no matter what you try, then Little Remedies Gripe Water may be the perfect solution for your baby. In addition to their signature gripe water formula, they also offer PaciFizz which I found made an amazing difference in my daughter’s ability to eat solids; her first solid food was sweet potato puree! All of their products are safe enough for infants without having any harsh chemicals or scents so it’s a win-win all around.

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Features of Little Remedies Gripe Water

1. Organic Agave Syrup
2. Paraben Free
3. Formula Includes Ginger and Fennel Which Have Been Shown To Be Beneficial As An Aid To Digestion
4. Contains No Artificial Dyes, Gluten or Sodium Bicarbonate
5. Safe and Gentle Formula for Newborns

1. Organic Agave Syrup

The ingredients in this organic agave syrup are all natural, and the water is sustainably collected from a high altitude rainforest. The lead-free design of Little Remedies Gripe Water makes it safe for pregnant women and children, who often have problems with regular gripe water because they might be exposed to too much lead or other additives. Another thing that puts us at ease about using this product is knowing how well it works; we’ve heard many stories where parents were able to stop their baby’s crying almost immediately after giving them one sip of Little Remedies Gripe Water.
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2. Paraben Free

Parabens are preservatives that can be found in a wide variety of products and have been linked to breast cancer. The Little Remedies Gripe Water is paraben free, which makes it an appealing alternative for those who may want to avoid these chemicals.

3. Formula Includes Ginger and Fennel Which Have Been Shown To Be Beneficial As An Aid To Digestion

Little Remedies Gripe Water is an all natural product that includes ingredients such as ginger and fennel which have been shown to be beneficial for digestive issues. The formula also contains a citric acid buffer, which helps build up the immune system in children ages 3-6 years old.

4. Contains No Artificial Dyes, Gluten or Sodium Bicarbonate

Little Remedies Gripe Water contains no artificial dyes, gluten or sodium bicarbonate. The company is committed to providing products that are free of unnecessary additives and preservatives. This product also has a natural taste unlike other brands which can have sugar mixed with the gripe water for flavor.

5. Safe and Gentle Formula for Newborns

The makers of Little Remedies Gripe Water have taken into consideration the delicate nature of newborns, and have created a product that’s safe for babies and doesn’t contain any chemicals. The water is made by extracting plants like fennel, myrrh, eucalyptus leaf oil, and witch hazel from natural sources so it can be gentle on even the most sensitive stomachs.

Reviews & Ratings of Little Remedies Gripe Water

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Little Remedies Gripe Water is a product that can help with colic and gas relief. It’s made of natural ingredients, so it won’t cause any harm to your baby or anyone else who consumes it in the house.
This water has some great reviews on Amazon, but there were also some concerns raised by users. One customer said they expected this “to be more effective than what I’ve seen from other brands” but was disappointed when their child continued to cry throughout the night after drinking this for three nights straight. Another user had similar reactions saying, “I tried several types of gripe water without much success until my friend recommended” this brand.”
That makes me hesitant about recommending such an expensive option as well., however many customers have rated four stars out of five which tells me that maybe it really does work better than others!


Little Remedies Gripe Water is an excellent product for those who are struggling with colic and gas. Most buyers praise the effectiveness of this remedy, along with its natural ingredients that make it safe to use on infants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Little Remedies gripe water safe?

A: Little Remedies is a brand of gripe water that is safe to use.

Why gripe water is not recommended?

A: Gripe water is not recommended because it is not a good source of hydration. It does contain minerals, but the amount in one bottle is not enough to sustain someones needs for an entire day.

Do doctors recommend gripe water?

A: Doctors recommend gripe water for people who have stomach aches, nausea, and other symptoms of a common cold.

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