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Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads Review

When you are a new mother, there is so much to learn. I was fortunate enough to have friends who were in the same boat that I was and helped me out when my milk supply dipped. To breastfeed your child properly, it’s important that all of your equipment be hygienic and safe for baby as well as yourself. One piece of nursing gear which received rave reviews from other parents was Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads The unique design allows you to comfortably cleanse the breasts with warm water during or after breastfeeding without causing any discomfort on either side

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Features of Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads



Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads are designed to cool on contact and offer a comfortable relief for sore nipples. The gel is also antimicrobial, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause irritation or infection. So these pads will be perfect when you need soothing relief after giving birth.


The Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads are contoured for a woman’s shape, which is important because when you use them with the pump, they create a better seal around your nipple. This means less air is sucked in through the hole and more milk will come out of each breast as it pumps into the bottle or storage container.


These reusable water-activated pads are safe to use with all types of breast pumps, and they come in a pack of four. They’re also made from bisphenol A free plastic so you can feel confident that there’s no chemical leaching into your skin or nipples.


These convenient pads are great for on-the-go moms who need to keep their hands clean during a feeding. The gel pad is soft and cushy, so it will not irritate baby’s skin like other wipes. It also comes with a hygienic carrying case that can be clipped onto your stroller when you’re out and about in the city or while traveling.


Medela’s Tender Care HydroGel Pads are easy to apply and they come in a pack of 10. They can be used with any breast pump, but they’re best suited for use during the feeding sessions so that your breasts get plenty of time to recover and heal from pumping.

Reviews & Ratings of Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads are designed specifically for breastfeeding moms who want to use a more gentle type of breastpad.
I found 8 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
No one really seems too dissatisfied with them either, but there were some niggling points raised by customers that I’ll discuss below: One customer said, “They’re just not my favorite thing!” Another said, “These pads have been wonderful during my second pregnancy.” And finally another said,”Very absorbent yet thin enough to be comfortable while being worn all day long.”
So these seem like positive reviews overall but it’s worth noting that people didn’t find them perfect in every way so you might want to consider other types before purchasing this product if you aren’t happy with your current options


These pads are designed for use with the Medela Tender Care breast pump. They have a special lining that is antimicrobial and helps to prevent milk staining on clothes. The gel in these pads is also perfect for preventing soreness from pumping, making this product very popular among moms who want to multitask while they feed their baby or care for him or her at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do hydrogel breast pads work?

A: Hydrogel breast pads are a type of reusable cloth that can be used to clean and dry your breasts after breastfeeding. They are made from a hydrophilic polymer which makes them absorbent, so they can help prevent the build-up of milk on the skin.

How do you use Medela Tender Care Hydrogel?

A: To use the Medela Tender Care Hydrogel, you will need to first remove the cap from the tube. Then, you will need to squeeze the tube until a small amount of gel comes out of it. You can then apply this gel onto your nipple as needed.

How long can you use hydrogel pads?

A: The average lifespan of a hydrogel pad is about 2-3 hours.

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