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NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, 3 Pack Review

The NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers are a great choice for your little one. The 0-6 Months, 3 Pack come in fun colors and have the softest silicone to help soothe those sore teeth and gums during teething time. Definitely an item I would recommend!

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Features of NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, 3 Pack

1. 100% Silicone Design
2. Orthodontic Nipple Shape
3. Heart-Shaped Shield
4. Pack of 3 Pacifiers: Size 0-6 Months
5. Bpa Free

1. 100% Silicone Design

This is a product that will help your child sleep better and stay more comfortable. The silicone design on the NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers ensures that your baby’s little mouth stays as cool, smooth and silky-smooth as possible throughout their slumbertime to give them the best chance at having an undisturbed night’s sleep. With every purchase of these pacifiers you’ll also get 1 free bonus cotliner!

2. Orthodontic Nipple Shape

Babies are born with a natural inclination to suck on their hands and fingers. Babies who do not have the proper tools, or those that reach out for objects they should not be touching, can suffer from nipple confusion of varying degrees. This can cause breast feeding problems and lead to behavioral issues as well. The NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers were designed specifically so infants could get the right kind of suction while breastfeeding and is gentle enough for an infant’s gums without being too big or bulky in size.

3. Heart-Shaped Shield

A pacifier can be a big comfort to your baby and help their teeth naturally align. The NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers are designed with the shape of a heart and shield, which is perfect for small mouths that need extra protection while they’re still forming. The flexible silicone design also allows it to stay in tiny hands easily, so your little one is never without this soothing piece of mind when they go through teething phases or have sore gums from crying too much!

4. Pack of 3 Pacifiers: Size 0-6 Months

Pacifiers are a must for bedtime and nap time, keeping your baby’s teeth healthy as they sleep. These NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers have been clinically proven to help prevent dental malocclusions in babies from developing into cavities by offering an orthodontic pacifier with a soft silicone nipple inside the Purotex™ tip that helps soothe sore gums during teething. The size 0-6 months is perfect for children who will be weaned off of their pacifier at six months old or closer but need one until then.

5. Bpa Free

Bpa stands for bisphenol A, a chemical that is often used in plastics and dental composites. Many studies have shown the dangers of Bpa exposure as it can disrupt hormones and damage DNA; but some babies are especially vulnerable to this type of plastic. The NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers from Nuk offer a great option because they’re made with natural rubber rather than Bpa-based materials.

Reviews & Ratings of NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, 3 Pack

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers are a comfortable, soft and flexible pacifier. They feature no plastic so they won’t cause any irritation to your baby’s mouth or teeth while he is teething. There are three different designs available: the Mickey Mouse design for boys, the Ladybug design for girls, and the Camo design that has been made specifically with babies in mind because of its shape which will fit perfectly into their mouths when sleeping on their backs. Once you purchase this product it comes in a pack of 3 where each one features a different character image on them.,
I found an average of 4 customer reviews at time of writing making these products’ overall rating 4.6/5 out
of 5 from customers who reviewed them on Amazon . The reviewers were more than pleased with how well-made these little toothless friends were! It seems like there was not much negative feedback about this product either (that I’ve seen). One reviewer said “they’re perfect” but then later changed her review saying she had accidentally broken one off against our toddler’s head by accident – oops! Rating wise though we see quite high ratings across the board without many complaints being lodged


NUK is one of the most recognized names in baby products and this pacifier line continues that tradition with quality, safe materials. These NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers are soft and flexible for comfort when being worn by babies or toddlers.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do orthodontic pacifiers really work?

A: Orthodontic pacifiers are a type of orthodontic device that is designed to help children with malocclusion. They work by moving the teeth into their proper positions, which can help prevent future problems.

Are NUK pacifiers bad?

A: NUK is a brand of baby pacifiers that are known for being very safe.

Is orthodontic pacifier good for babies?

A: Orthodontic pacifiers are good for babies because they help prevent the development of crooked teeth.

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