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Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper,purple, 2-Count Review

The Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper was designed for small and easy on the hand handling. The bright color helps you to easily find it in your nail clippers, giving parents peace of mind that their child is being safe during each cleaning mission.

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Features of Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper,purple, 2-Count

1. Stainless Steel and Plastic Construction
2. Easy-Grip Handle
3. Sure Grip Extension

1. Stainless Steel and Plastic Construction

The Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper is a unique nail clipper that only requires one hand to use. It’s made from stainless steel and plastic for durability, easy cleaning, and sanitary storage. This two-fold design makes it easier than ever to both clean the blade efficiently when needed and store away easily in its own case when not being used as well

2. Easy-Grip Handle

This product is designed to help you with nail clipping, making work easier and more comfortable. Designed for small hands as well as children’s nails, this clipper has a two pronged handle that allows your child or yourself to easily hold the device in their hand while clipping away. It will not slip out of the user’s fingers like other traditional type handles might do because of its textured rubber grip on both sides. This makes it safe even when used by little ones who are still learning how to use scissors properly.

3. Sure Grip Extension

Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper,purple, 2-Count is a great product for beginners who are just starting to learn how to cut their nails. This nail clipper features an easy grip that helps you get a good hold on the sharp blades of the clippers and ease your worry about them slipping out of your hands during use. The stainless steel construction ensures that no rust or corrosion will form in any area of these clippers over time, so they’ll be able to perform at peak efficiency for many years before needing replacement.

Reviews & Ratings of Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper,purple, 2-Count

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper is a highly rated product from Amazon. With over 5,200 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 this clipper has been resoundingly well received by its customers who would recommend it to anyone looking for their next pair of nail clippers.
There are pros and cons with the way these nail clippers work which was something that bothered some reviewers but most found no issue in using them as intended


The safety 1st fold-up nail clipper is an affordable and functional product that can help you get everything done in a timely fashion. It’s easy to use, well made, safe for children and adults alike, and has two different sized blades so it works on both small nails as well as large ones with ease. The metal construction means this nail clipper handles tough tasks very easily without breaking down or causing damage to the user after continuous use.,

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