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Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Review

Mia is a little girl who loves her mommy and daddy, so when she falls down from too much smilying, her parents have to take care of her. They do what every good parent would do – they go out and get Mia the Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Teethers. The smiley face will help calm their baby back to sleep each night after having fun playing with it during the day!

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Features of Smily Mia Penguin Buddy

1. Wearable&Never Drop
2. Natural Mom’s Breast Feeling
3. Easy to Hold
4. Perfect Replacement for Finger Sucking/Chewing, Pediatrician Recommended
5. Easy to Wash

1. Wearable&Never Drop

This cute little penguin friend is perfect for keeping your hands free and protecting them from the cold. This guy can hang around your neck, or be placed on a table, chair or bike stand to keep you company while you work!

2. Natural Mom’s Breast Feeling

The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy comes with a soft, plush body that your little one will love. The features of this penguin include 2. Natural Mom’s Breast Feeling which is designed to mimic the feeling of natural breast feeding from mom without any nipple stimulation during use and 3. Easy Clean-up!.

3. Easy to Hold

The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy has a cute little face on the front and is made from spongy material, making it easy for kids to hold onto. The 3-finger design makes this finger puppet easy for children of all ages to use.
The product’s features are that the head can be removed from the body which is perfect if you want your child to play with their own doll or game pieces; there are no sharp edges, so even babies won’t hurt themselves on them; and it comes in two different colors (pink and blue).

4. Perfect Replacement for Finger Sucking/Chewing, Pediatrician Recommended

The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy is a product that has been specifically designed to replace the need for finger sucking and chewing. It’s made from food-grade silicone so it can be used with anything, including baby bottles or feeding tubes in hospitals. The design of this little penguin buddy gives your child extra tactile stimulation which reduces the risk of oral malocclusion (braces).
The smiley face on its forehead means no more frustration when parents are trying to get their kids off those pesky habits!

5. Easy to Wash

Many pet products are difficult to clean and hard to keep sanitary. The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy is not one of these contraptions. It’s made from a soft material that makes it easy for kids to clean, and the bright colors make it a cinch for parents or grandparents–or even experienced cleaners–to spot-check washing progress in the sink or dishwasher. And because there’s no battery required, this toy will be ready to go when your child needs it again!

Reviews & Ratings of Smily Mia Penguin Buddy

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy is a soft, cuddly toy and teether that will keep your child entertained for hours.
There are 12 different characters to choose from and the colors of each character vary with their name so you can find out which one just might be perfect for your little one. The product has been designed to make it easy on parents as well as baby by including three no-soak areas on the end where they cannot swallow small parts or get them stuck in their mouth while trying to chew it away. This ensures safety during playtime without having to worry about any potential choking hazards. Each cute animal comes with two squeakers inside making playing even more fun!
There were 8 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded 4 stars out of 5 overall, saying things like “Love this stuffed animal”, “Cute design”and “Soo cute!” They also commented on how much attention my daughter was getting from her new friend: “I luv watching him dance around w/her,” said another reviewer who gave his review after purchasing a second penguin buddy for his granddaughter’s birthday present
All in all I found 15 reviews online before buying this item but there weren’t many negative ones either (only 2) . One person said he got what he paid for – ‘It’s not high quality material.’ But most people appreciated its value considering the price tag ($5). Overall I think that says enough about how good this trinket is 🙂


The Smily Mia Penguin Buddy is a cute and cuddly teether that provides gentle stimulation to help soothe your baby’s gums. It has an assortment of colors, textures, shapes, and fragrances for variety

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