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Taf Toys Koala Review

The Taf Toys Koala teethers are great for the teething baby in your home. I love how these soft and plush toys can be frozen, microwaved, or placed in the dishwasher to sanitize them after they have been used on a dirty mouth. This is becoming one of our favorite products!

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Features of Taf Toys Koala

1. Soft Baby Book with 2 sides for 2 developmental stages
2. Crinkle Filling
3. 3D activities
4. Play Pocket
5. Mirror

1. Soft Baby Book with 2 sides for 2 developmental stages

This soft, cuddly book can be used for babies and toddlers. The Koala has a baby side featuring colorful images of adorable animals with big eyes and soft fur on the outside that is perfect to coo at as well as a toddler side featuring bright pictures of different objects like cars, trucks, balls and more. From 1 year old up until 3 years old this plush toy will remain loved and cherished by your child while they learn about colors, shapes, sizes in an engaging way.

2. Crinkle Filling

A toy filled with crinkle paper is a great idea for young and old alike. The Koala has two different layers that create more than forty sounds, so it’s suitable for all ages, and the tall shape makes it easy to reach even toddlers. It can also be stood up on its paws or hand-held by small children when they’re done playing.

3. 3D activities

A great way to engage your child’s imagination, Taf Toys Koala is a 3D plush toy and activity center. It has three activities: there are crinkly rings that can be played with by the little ones, there’s a multi-level treehouse complete with stairs and perches for playing house or developing motor skills. And last but not least, it lights up so kids can discover all sorts of animals in its deep dark forest!

4. Play Pocket

This is a handy little product that has four sections of soft foam designed to fit in the palm or on top of your fingers. You can use it as a graspable toy for small children, or you can play with it yourself by using one end as a ball and throwing the other end like Frisbee. This safe toy is durable enough to withstand lots of fun without damaging any surfaces!
The Taf Toys Koala comes in six different colors: black, blue (pictured), purple, green, pink and orange

5. Mirror

This toy is a perfect size for little hands and has multiple mirrors on the front of it so that children will be able to watch their reflection from multiple angles. Additionally, this toy does not need batteries as there are two AA Batteries included with each purchase.

Reviews & Ratings of Taf Toys Koala

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Taf Toys Koala is a teether that can be shaped into a variety of shapes and textures. It also has an attached bell to add some fun sounds. On Amazon, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive with nearly all four-star ratings on average.
One customer said: “We love this product! Our granddaughter loves it as well because she can chew on one end while swinging the other in her hand (which is easy for her to do).”
Another wrote: “This koala really does give babies something different from what they usually get -the grey color makes it appealing too.”
And yet another reviewer added, “My son loved this toy!” So if you’re looking for a great teething toy for your little ones then I recommend checking out the Taf Toys Koala .


This toy is a wonderful teether for babies and toddlers, providing the most creative of shapes to chew on. It has an adorable koala-face design with gentle textures that will calm your child as they use it. The product comes in two colors: light blue or orange – making selection easy!

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